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Day out with the underprivileged children

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Our involvement with the children of Ruma Nur Kasih goes back a long way.

When we decided to settle in Langkawi and start a business, one of our aims was to give back to the community that had welcomed us. There were a few charity organisations that were involved with children, but it seemed,Ruma Nur Kasih was struggling.

So any over-runs of sausages and burgers, bread rolls and so on that we had at our factory, Sailor’s, we took to the home. Through our connection at Rebak Marina where we kept our boat, Katrine, we met the general manager, Mr. Sandip  Makherjee  and his wife, Kalpana who we learnt were also involved in charity work on the island. We asked if we could use the beach at the resort for an outing for the children. We would organise some games and a BBQ if he could get them to the island by ferry.

That first outing with the children blew us away! And it hasnt stopped since. Once a year, we spoil these youngsters and make them feel special. After selling our food business, we decided to carry on our involvement with Ruma Nur Kasih and to set up projects to “Make their Day a little Happier”

Mr. and Mrs. Makherjee always go the extra mile and organise a day for the children and us to truly remember.

Tables are set under the trees in the beautiful resort grounds, silver tureens of food in this dappled setting and chefs and staff to oversee it all.We involved the new owners of Sailor’s with their donation of BBQ sausages and burgers to add to the feast and help with the cooking. Games are organised for the children with prizes and presents for each of them and finally at the end of the day, their buggy ride back to the jetty and the ferry ride over to the main island is another big excitement.

A few days before their outing, we presented the children with some brand new bicycles bought from donations, in our bid to encourage the children to play outside.

Thank you all who helped to make these past few days such happy ones for the children of Ruma Nur Kasih:

For bicycle donations thank you:

Havid and Kaoutar – two of our guests at Peace Haven who started the ball rolling and Gavin and Carol, Billion Power Hardware who also donated bicycles.

A BIG thank you to Sandip and Kalpana for all the loving care you put into any event and especially to show that you all at Vivanta really care.

Thank you Sailor’s for your BBQ donation and for coming across to help. And the yachties, Virginia, Michael and Harriet who lent a helping hand.

It was such a great day for all of us!



Buggy ride

We Care.

The children of Ruma Nur Kasih

Harun chatting to the boys

Smiling Girls. And Fatima has so many baby sitters!

Silver tureens of food

Sailor’s BBQ

Chef Ganesh and Don

Playing games on the beach

games on the beach


Happy boy.

Carol showing a little one how its done

bicycle presentation

Avid and Koutar and the children of Ruma Nur Kasih

ferry ride