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I don’t believe there is such a thing as coincidence…do you?

I believe that when the time is right , the teacher WILL appear. I believe that people come into your life for a reason….

One such incident happened this week:

We had invited friends up the hill for a late lunch on Thursday. Peace Haven is a bit difficult to find on the first visit, so they asked for an escort up the hill. Harun jumped on his motor cycle to meet them at a designated spot, but as he got to the villa’s electronic gate he met a couple in a car who were looking for Peace Haven. (Our signs aren’t up yet and as i have said…the villa is difficult to find first off.)

They came in and introduced themselves: Avid and Koutar – originally from Morocco but now living in Holland. They were looking for seclusion – somewhere quiet to have a few days holiday, where they could swim and rest away from crowds of people. They had seen our web page and decided to hunt us down.

Hibiscus was undergoing a plumbing job, but by “coincidence” the maintenance guys had another hours work to finish painting around Jasmine, so the villa would be free.

Don showed them around – and the heavens opened. It teamed down with rain, so waiting for the rain to subside they got talking. They swapped stories of their little boy who was just beginning to walk and whom they had left with Koutar’s mother for the few days they were away, and of course Don about his grandchildren. The conversation moved on to the orphanage – Ruma Nur Kasih – which is dear to our hearts, and whom we have supported over the years that we have been in Langkawi.

They went off to collect their luggage and we set to entertain our friends.

Later that evening, on their return, they were laden with parcels – they had been to the shops and bought sweets and biscuits and chips for the children of Ruma Nur Kasih and could we show them the home in the morning?

Of course we could. And, coincidentally, it was Friday so the children had a day off from school which meant they were in.

Don went with the couple to show them the way and introduce them to the home keepers. Dons description of the little children sidling up to him, touching his arm and then cuddling in; the sight of Avid with tears streaming down his face, and the excitement of the children with the treats they were given, made for an emotional time.

How wonderful that there are such caring people in this world. And what a privilege to have met them….so “co-incidentally”. But the story doesnt end there…..

Koutar and Avid were so enthusiastic about having met the children, that their kindness continued, and we were jolted in to our next project:

Which we have called: MAKE THEIR DAY a little happier!

Look out for the next blog to see how we are doing just that…with a little help from our friends…

Our very special and kind guests

Avid and Koutar and the children of Ruma Nur Kasih