Jeanne Pickers

Having Fun with our Guests

Thai Meung Kham.

                         guests enjoying a meal                         


Delicious Thai cabbage rolls     Dew getting down to pounding spices


Looking back over the past few months I realize once again, what a great time we have had with our guests. Of course there are always those who are hard to please, but for the most part, people on holiday want to have fun!

We may be a bit older than our average visitors, but we sure know how to entertain. And what makes up a good holiday? A big part of it is food!

So we decided to have some add-ons at Peace Haven. No obligation, but an option of joining in and observing a cooking “demonstration” in the evening. First is what we called  our “Thai Evening”

It is great for our staff too and they love it – A  donation to cover the costs and some for the chefs! So a great fun evening that doesnt cost a fortune. What more could one want? Dew and her family are Thai and everyone knows that Thai’s learn to cook before they learn anything else. Its almost by osmosis because they just love eating and sharing and everyone gets stuck into the kitchen.

So we decided to offer a four course Thai evening meal, that guests can join in (and so do we!) or just sit, relax with a drink and observe.  Dew and her Mum set the kitchen up with their wok on our verandah (with that gorgeous view!) , and we gather round to observe, taste, (Dont forget the wine!)  help and eventually eat. Our guests are allowed to have a choice of what they want on the menu and we send Dew off to the market to buy the ingredients. Its been a huge success and everyone has remarked on a lovely evening of getting to know each other, eating great food, learning something new and just generally having a lot more fun than sitting in a cafe and ordering a plate of food.

The other very successful add-on has been the pizza evening.

Our brilliant Master chef Don once made an ingenious pizza oven.

It had been lying around gathering dust for a while …until we decided..”Why Not?”

So we offer an eat-all-you-can pizza evening whereby i make a huge spread of all the ingredients: Tomato base, gherkin, pineapple!, smoked chicken, prawns, muscles, fish, sausage, mushrooms, LOTS of cheese (mozzarella, Parmesan and cheddar) and many more fresh ingredients. Then you’all place on your pizza base just whatever you fancy – hand it over to Don and watch it cook in the pizza oven. Once again sitting around, having a drink and chatting about travels and all sorts of reminiscings together is awesome.

Oh. And then……We had another brilliant idea for an add-on which has proved to be a roaring success. But you have to wait for the next blog to read about that!