Jeanne Pickers

In the Beginning

In The Beginning:

Living the green life changed in 2001 when we launched Katrine, the yacht we had built over the previous five years on our farm in Africa. For 16 years we lived a blue life…..sea adventures abounded. And in between, with the need to replenish the coffers, Sailor’s – a charcuterie and bakery was founded. And so with one foot on land but still with the drag of the sea tugging at the other, we continued our green/blue life until………

There is a saying that goes…”When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear”

Don and I had both had health issues over the previous year. We realised, sadly, that our cruising days were coming to an end. We had long conflabs about what we should do and at what stage we should make a change. Neither of us were ready to give up sailing, but we figured it best to make the decision to quit while we were on the winning side, rather than wait until the gods deemed we had to, which would be far more traumatic.

But we would take it one step at a time. Sell the business, then do some necessary maintenance work on Katrine, perhaps have one more trip to the Andaman Islands, and then put her on the market.

With our chartering background, we thought once Sailor’s was sold, we would open a bed and breakfast to keep ourselves busy and do what we loved doing – entertaining.

With the business sold, we started looking…..but doors kept closing. Sarrawak meant moving out of our comfort zone and really starting from scratch – new friends, new laws, new everything. Were we prepared for that? It made sense to stay in Langkawi which we knew, and where we had many friends. But good land was at a premium, if available at all. The laws on foreign ownership were a bit dodgy too, and at our age, we couldn’t afford to take a chance. And then out of the blue came this amazing offer made in heaven and our green life, on the edge of the beautiful Rain Forest began.

Our home on the sea.


Sailor’s charcuterie