Jeanne Pickers

MAKE THEIR DAY a little happier

Bicycles donated by Koutar and Avid

Last year’s BBQ at Rebak. Playing games.


Our project for the children of Ruma Nur Kasih has begun.The children have no outside games. They live inside the home with the curtains drawn and a tv on. Our aim first of all is to get them playing outside.Yesterday we paid a visit to the home and were greeted by the children in their traditional way….a kiss on the back of your hand and a touch to their heart. But the hand is held a little longer with these children – they cant get enough of visitors.The general manager of the Vivanta Resort on Rebak Island came with us to make arrangements. The perimiter fence is good and the gate at the entrance can be closed and locked. Step number one in securing the grounds to begin our project!

We are kicking off with a BBQ for the children at Rebak Island (as we have done in previous years); early next month…..and then……

Koutar and Avid Рour Peace Haven guests from last month, were the first to donate four brand new beautiful  bicycles. We have donated two , another two from Cempedak farm, one from Billion Hardware and we will rustle up a few more to make up nine.

Thats the easy part……

Then MAKE THEIR DAY a little happier will need some muscle power to build some outdoor activities.

Don has managed to find some old car tyres which we are painting black and white for a bicycle track.

Then we would like to start on some other outdoor amenities.. build a swing, a see saw and perhaps a slide.

We are putting it out there for material and help from the Langkawi expats and locals who would like to lend a hand. Come on guys Рgive us a bit of your time and lets give back a little of the abundance and  MAKE THEIR DAY a little happier!