Jeanne Pickers

The Road to Peace Haven

Canopied trees in the rain forest


Our Rain Forest Road leading to tranquility


Dusky Leaf Monkeys with their orange-coloured babies


What sets Peace Haven apart from any of the many Bed and Breakfast resorts in Langkawi?

Its the location.

It is unique

It is serene

It is back- to-nature beautiful.

And as such, the path to our little piece of heaven, may seem daunting to ” city slickers” !

We are not situated on the beach, but just a 15 minute drive to any of the popular beaches and tourist attractions in both directions. We love the fact that we are away from the hustle and bustle of tourist throngs, but close enough if that’┬ás what takes your fancy.

The road to Peace Haven through the tsunami village of Batu Ara (it was the village built for people effected by the tsunami) leads to our beautiful rainforest road. It is tarred albeit narrow – with plenty of place to pull over for any approaching vehicle (very few in our “neck of the woods”!) With the cool dapples on the road of the overhanging vines and brush begins the feeling of the tranquility that lies ahead….Peace Haven… Not many places can brag of a working rubber plantation right on their doorstep and even more incredible is this area is home to the gentle Dusky Leaf monkeys. Stop and watch these shy monkeys swinging through the trees with their orange-coloured babies, or see the hornbills, racket tailed drongoes and perhaps the flying foxes. Dont be intimidated by the forest – embrace the beauty….its a chance of a lifetime.