Jeanne Pickers


Cloudy skies make for beautiful sunsets

Harun. Our right hand man.

And then it was LIMA!

Oh my hat. We were thrown in at the deep end with the arrival of LIMA….the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition. All hotels and guest houses were full, so putting Peace Haven onto Booking.Com and Air BNB had us fully booked overnight.

But it was fun, and a big learning curve.

We realised most of all that we simply weren’t able to handle all aspects of both villas without good help.

So we approached an agent in Penang who sent us one candidate – who didn’t work out – and then another.

Harun is a 24 year old Bangladeshi who for his age is wise and hard working. Coming from a hospitality job at Tanjun Rhu he was keen to show us his cocktail-making skills. We were keen to be on the receiving end!

We bought a new motor cycle for him, and so began our very comprehensive master of all trades and enormous help at Peace Haven.

Haruns accent pronounced our villas as “Peach Heaven”. I love it! With the mango trees simply laden with mangoes at this time of the year, it could be Mango Heaven – and even Papaia Heaven for that matter.

I love this time of the year, when rumbles of thunder and pelting rain happen most days. It’s a far cry from our boat days when we would look at the sky in trepidation of the Sumatra winds that lash down out of nowhere around these months. Many a yachtie including us, have been caught unawares…and tales of naked bodies fighting the elelments on deck during some such storms, abound.